Lycium barbarum
Ribes 'Consort'
Rubus 'Anne'
Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade'
Lonicera 'Cinderella'
Ribes 'Hinnonmaki Red'
Rubus 'Navaho'
Hardy Kiwi
Actinidia arguta var. cordifolia
Growing Conditions
Sun exposure: full sun with protection from
strong winds

Water: average to high water requirements,
provide supplemental water in the summer during
especially dry periods

Soil: prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soil, but
will tolerate most sites

Nutrient requirements: fertilize regularly from
April to June; late season applications of nitrogen
will result in larger fruit size, but also causes the
fruit to have a much shorter shelf life
Care and Pruning
Mulching is very beneficial, but do not the the mulch directly in contact with the vine
Fruit Season
Early September. When ripe, hardy kiwis come off easily or drop to the ground.
Uses for Fruit
Fruit is green, fuzz-less, and the size of grapes. Cut open, they look much like regular kiwis, but are generally sweeter in flavor. They can be eaten raw and used in place of the regular kiwi.
A regular kiwi in the background,
a hardy kiwi in the foreground